Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing

At CTC National, we can provide you with all the tools necessary to make your dental marketing a success! In order to become profitable, you need to learn how to bring in new patients and retain the patients who already visit your office. For new start-up dental practices, dental marketing is essential to getting you off to a good start!

We provide the resources and training for you to begin marketing your dental practice. We are happy to review any marketing campaign that is created for you. We work closely with our preferred marketing vendors to make sure you and your dental office are represented in the way you want and need.

Marketing Your Dental Practice

Below are the five major forms of marketing any dental practices should utilize for dental marketing. A practice needs to utilize 3 to 4 of these marketing forms together to maximize effectiveness. Marketing campaigns that are set-up to "test" the market for one or two months and/or utilize one or two forms of marketing at a time typically fail. 

  • Online Marketing – In the age of the Internet, your dental website can be an invaluable tool to market your dental practice. CTC National can point you in the right direction. Dental websites that are HIPAA and ADA compliant are essential to avoiding problems. A regularly updated blog with original content, assistance in SEO, review generation, and getting the most out of your social media accounts are all essential online marketing tactics.
  • Print Marketing – Print marketing is still a widely used way to inform potential patients in your area about your dental practice. Our marketing partner's have the tools needed to design your logo, create business cards, newspaper ads and magazine ads, and print and send out postcards and mailers. We often send our demographic research to our partners to determine which areas and households to target based on what your dental practice offers.
  • Signage – Your signage is one of the first impressions of your office that your patients will see. This is the most over-looked marketing tactic that attracts on average more than 25% of new patients. Our partners can help you to design and print your outdoor and in-office signage as well as billboards, and banners. It’s important that your signage is unique, interesting, and easy to read and understand.
  • Community Events – Involving yourself and your dental office in local community events can be great for your marketing. Not only will you feel a sense of pride in helping the community and sponsoring events, but these gestures can also boost patient loyalty and increase word-of-mouth referrals. CTC National provides consultation and research to help you learn how to get involved in community events and how to turn these events into marketing opportunities.
  • Internal Marketing – Often, you can improve your patient base through internal marketing efforts. Start-up dental practices do not have this luxury at the onset. CTC National has experience in training dental staff to improve telephone etiquette, word-of-mouth referrals, financial arrangements, customer service efforts, and much more. By improving the way your staff interacts with your patients, you’re improving the experience for your patients. This will go a long way towards retaining current patients and bringing in new ones. We also consult on effective ways to obtain more patient referrals.

Our dental consultants are highly skilled in dental marketing and can provide you with the help and knowledge to take your practice to the next level. Our partners including, Pro Dental Designs have helped hundreds of start-up dental practices, and mature practices achieve great results. For more information, or to discuss how to better market your dental business, please contact CTC National. We help dentists nationwide!

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