Performance Evaluations

Dental Performance Evaluations

Both the employee and the evaluator often dread performance evaluations. However, once evaluations are finished, the results will help improve your dental practice. Not only will your dental staff benefit from performance evaluations, but so will you. In fact, research has shown that regularly conducting performance evaluations will increase productivity and job satisfaction. This is an opportunity for you to help your employees understand your expectations of them, and will allow your employees to tell you about any problems they may be facing.

However, for performance evaluations to be productive, it’s important that they are conducted correctly. Whether you have a new start-up dental practice, or have been open for a few years, CTC National can help you learn how to conduct productive, friendly evaluations with your dental staff.

Performance Evaluation Guidelines

Below are a few simple guidelines to keep in mind when conducting evaluations:

  • Deliver feedback frequently & regularly – You don’t need to wait until a formal evaluation to deliver feedback to your employees. Walk around the office and speak with employees or set informal weekly check-ins.
  • Document performance – both good and bad – Throughout the year, we suggest taking down notes on the performance of your team. This way, at the annual performance review, you have concrete examples of behavior, which will go a long way towards making your evaluation more credible.
  • Allow time for a discussion – Make sure you go over each section of the performance review with your employee. Allow him or her to make comments, and start a discussion if necessary. These evaluations don’t need to be one-sided, make sure your employee feels heard.
  • Ask your employee for his or her own feedback – Ask your employee if there are things you can be doing to help him or her achieve goals or improve performance. Remember that this evaluation is as much for you as it is for your employees.
  • Set goals together – This is a great opportunity for you and your team to set goals for the coming year. Make sure goals are motivating and measurable. Note each employee’s goal, and make sure to follow up with him or her about the progress of these goals.

We know that conducting successful and productive performance evaluations with your employees will help your practice run smoothly and with little conflict. For training on how to conduct these evaluations or to speak with one of our friendly and educated dental consultants, please contact CTC National. Your success is our success!

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