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Start your own dental practice from scratch is challenging. We know that, as a dentist, you’re incredibly busy! Dentists who own their own practices have a tendency to try and take it all on themselves. This can sometimes lead to an impossibly hectic schedule, an unorganized team, or messy finances. Here at CTC National, our dental consultant's goal is to help lighten your load by offering amazing dental/business consulting services! We have been helping dentists with dental practice startups since 2003. Marie Chatterly is the pioneer in developing protocols for "how to start dental practice". If you are starting a dental practice from scratch, trust our consultants to help you succeed.

Whether you’re looking to make more money, take control of your schedule, build a strong, functional team, or simply spend more time practicing dentistry and less time dealing with the other details, CTC National is here to help! It’s so important for you to enjoy dentistry and interacting with your patients! Sometimes the stress of finances, paperwork, and other things can cause you to forget why you became a dentist in the first place. If you allow us to take on those stresses for you, you can spend more time doing what you love.

In addition, you may be considering some major changes in your dental practice. These changes can include bringing on a partner or associate, purchasing an existing dental practice, building a new dental practice from scratch or relocating your current dental practice. CTC National can also help you to make decisions that will ensure that these changes happen smoothly and successfully. Our professional dental start-up consultants have years of experience and knowledge to help you through a start-up dental practice or any other dental consulting.

The best dental Consultants!
CTC National has Consulted Many successful Dental Start-UP's With A 100% Success rate.
Our Dental consultants specialize in dental practice startup's and how to start dental practice.


“Marie has consistently provided quality consultations and coaching with opening and growing my practice and establishing my practice in the community.  Each time I work with Marie she shows a great amount of knowledge, has always been readily available, and is personable and very professional.  Marie is very detail-oriented and has always been very thorough each time I have worked with her.  I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to open, purchase, transition or better manage their practice to work with Marie.” - Dr. Eric Anderson (start-up dental practice)

“Four years ago I decided to open my own pediatric dental practice. I was introduced to Marie Chatterley of CTC Associates and hired her as my start up consultant. I found her an invaluable resource through the start up process. She was fantastic assisting through the construction phase, soft opening and first year of practice. Now in my third year, I still find myself wondering what would Marie say about this or that? If I look back through the materials she helped assemble during that first year I generally find the answer. I consider her to be a great mentor. I do not feel my practice would be where it is today if it had not gotten off to such a great start with help from Marie Chatterley of CTC.” - Dr. Karen Foster (start-up dental practice)

 “I have had the pleasure of working with Areta Reimer occasionally over the past several years.  She has supervised accounting and reviewed insurance claims with accuracy, fine detail and efficiency.  Areta is very knowledgeable in the business of dentistry and has been a great resource in identifying discrepancies within my practice.  She arrives on time and promptly returns phone calls.  She is extremely proficient with Dentrix software and can easily negotiate most of the dental programs available today.  I would recommend her with utmost confidence.” - Dr. Jamie Just (start-up dental practice)

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CTC National is the company to guide you through your dental career. Our dental consultants are here to provide you with the tools necessary to reach success!

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