Dental Employee Management

Dental Employee Management

There is a difference between leadership and management. As the leader, your responsibility involves creating the goals and vision of the practice and communicating these goals to the right people. On the other hand, a manager’s job is to make sure your vision and goals are then implemented correctly.

Employee Management Skills

Here at CTC National, our employee management course is designed to help team managers correctly take charge of their responsibilities. Below are a few of the things your team manager will learn in our employee management course:

  • The importance of delegation – No matter how skilled any one person in the office may be; it’s impossible for one person to take care of all the responsibilities of the office. A good manager should be skilled in the art of delegation. This includes matching the right people to the correct tasks.
  • Motivating The Team – We’ll teach you many different ways of motivating different types of people. Not all motivational tactics will work for everyone. The manager’s job is to motivate people based on their personality types. CTC National can help you identify different personality types and how to motivate each.
  • Team Development – If you can learn how to assist each team member to become better at his or her job, you’ll be a successful manager. One of the best ways to develop your team is by providing regular feedback. We know that this can sometimes be intimidating, but our employee management course can teach you how to successfully provide feedback without offending anyone or causing employees to become defensive. If feedback is provided properly and regularly, you will see an improvement in your team.
  • Communication With Your Team – Most team communication will occur in a group setting, and may be called a ‘meeting.’ Because of this, CTC National’s employee management training course will provide you with the skills needed to run effective meetings. This will include how to properly conduct brainstorming sessions and how to become an active listener. 
  • Managing Discipline – We know that disciplining employees is no fun job. However, it is almost always necessary, so it’s important that you have the tools needed to discipline properly and constructively. If you aren’t sure whether action needs to be taken, ask yourself these questions:
    • Does the issue affect the way the employee interacts with patients?
    • Does the issue negatively impact the way your team works together?
    • Does the issue undermine the needs and interests of the other members of the team?

      If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you may need to take action. Our training course can help you learn how to properly and constructively discipline your team members.

Managing Mistakes To Avoid

As many things as there are to learn in our employee management course, there are also things you’ll learn not to do. These include:

  • Assuming that your existing knowledge will be enough to succeed as a manager. There is always room for improvement, and you should strive to learn as much as possible.
  • Failing to talk to patients about the things they believe your team can improve upon. Input from patients is invaluable when deciding what action needs to be taken.
  • Inappropriately using your authority. Make sure everything you’re asking from your employees is in the best interest of the dental practice.

Hiring & Firing Processes

Another responsibility that will fall to the employee manager is the hiring and firing process. Both of these issues will be addressed in CTC National’s employee management training course, but below are a few points to consider when hiring and firing:


  • Consider the potential employee’s likelihood of moving up and progressing within the practice
  • Develop a relevant list of questions for applicants that will provide the right information you need to make an informed hire
  • Determine exactly why the employee left his or her previous job
  • Check all references and verify the past experience listed on the application
  • Identify the prospective employee’s short and long-term professional goals and make sure they align with the goals of your practice


Before an employee is fired, you must:

  • Ensure that corrective interviews have been properly conducted
  • Ensure that there is, in fact, a problem with the employee’s ability or attitude
  • Conduct a personal interview with the employee and prepare a written report signed by both the employee and management
  • Have attempted to correct any potential problems
  • Make sure the employee is aware of the consequences of his or her actions

If you believe our employee management training course is right for your dental office, please don’t hesitate to contact CTC National to sign up!

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