“Marie has consistently provided quality consultations and coaching with opening and growing my practice and establishing my practice in the community.  Each time I work with Marie she shows a great amount of knowledge, has always been readily available, and is personable and very professional.  Marie is very detail-oriented and has always been very thorough each time I have worked with her.  I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to open, purchase, transition or better manage their practice to work with Marie.” - Dr. Eric Anderson

“Four years ago I decided to open my own pediatric dental practice. I was introduced to Marie Chatterley of CTC Associates and hired her as my start up consultant. I found her an invaluable resource through the start up process. She was fantastic assisting through the construction phase, soft opening and first year of practice. Now in my third year, I still find myself wondering what would Marie say about this or that? If I look back through the materials she helped assemble during that first year I generally find the answer. I consider her to be a great mentor. I do not feel my practice would be where it is today if it had not gotten off to such a great start with help from Marie Chatterley of CTC.” - Dr. Karen Foster

 “I have had the pleasure of working with Areta Reimer occasionally over the past several years.  She has supervised accounting and reviewed insurance claims with accuracy, fine detail and efficiency.  Areta is very knowledgeable in the business of dentistry and has been a great resource in identifying discrepancies within my practice.  She arrives on time and promptly returns phone calls.  She is extremely proficient with Dentrix software and can easily negotiate most of the dental programs available today.  I would recommend her with utmost confidence.” - Dr. Jamie Just

“I enjoyed the good fortune of Marie’s careful guidance as I started a brand new dental practice in 2013.  She is not only knowledgeable, skilled in the art of effective communication, and well-connected in her industry, but she is also highly ethical and kind.  Among her many contributions was helping me find very high quality dental equipment at an affordable price, helping me navigate some tricky human resource issues and making sure that I was timely and compliant in my legal and professional obligations.  Even after our contract period has been officially over, she has never denied me the opportunity to solicit her valuable advice.” - Dr. Beth Dorian

"Marie is a wealth of knowledge.  She is well connected with the experts in the field.  She has worked with so many dentists that she knows what methods are most effective in helping dentists and dental practices become successful.  She is an excellent communicator and a wonderful person to work with." - Dr. Todd Lyman

“I had the pleasure of knowing Marie Chatterley for about 8 years.  I was referred to her through a colleague who had worked with her in his practice transition.  She came highly recommended to me.  I interviewed several consultants and eventually hired her to help me set up and establish a scratch start dental office in 2007.  I later worked with her in finding an associate dentist and in setting up the employment contract for the associate.  I’ve occasionally called and asked her for guidance on various other practice management issues throughout that time as well. Through all of these interactions, I have found her to be perfectly professional and extremely helpful.  Her guidance and advice has been thorough and accurate. I found her training to be vital to the success of my practice during the first few years and recommend her without hesitation to any who may consider her for dental practice consulting or practice management help.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or desire clarification with my experience with Marie.  It would be my pleasure to recommend her to you.” - Dr. Hans Egbert

“It is with great pleasure for me to recommend Marie Chatterley as a consultant in the dental field.  I am a periodontist and have known Marie for about 2 years now. When I moved to Fort Collins, I was searching for a career option, unsure about being an associate versus buying into a practice versus starting my own practice. When I was in search of an advisor, Marie’s reputation was definitely outstanding.

I have now started my practice for a little over a year and it is thanks to Marie that we had a very successful first year. I am now hiring my eighth employee, growing the practice at a pace much faster than I would have anticipated. Throughout my first year, it was not without hurdles, but Marie was an amazing and indispensable resource to our practice and had the answers to all the questions I have had, including demographic analysis, human resource, office handbook and procedures, practice management, patient management, financial analysis, marketing and team building. Marie works with integrity and honesty and her experience in the dental field had made her a well-rounded and knowledgeable consultant. Marie is committed to her work and has always returned my calls promptly.

In the past, I have worked with 2 other consultants and Marie has been by far the best consultant and I would recommend her to all my colleagues. Marie exceeded my expectations and I would not have been as successful without her guidance.” - Dr. Angie Lee

“I have known Marie Chatterley for the past two years as a dental consultant for CTC Associates.  She was an invaluable asset to the opening of my first pediatric dental practice.  From our first meeting, I was very impressed with her professionalism and knowledge of the dental market in Colorado. 

Marie has provided numerous hours of training to my staff and myself during the start up process as well as through the initial year.  She has made sure that we can stand on our own two feet after the first year.  Her goal is to make sure that all offices that she is partnered with are going to succeed.  Her enthusiastic personality and knowledge will be a great adjunct to the dental team seeking to excel.

I strongly recommend Mrs. Chatterley to other dentists in my community as a consultant whether it be a start up or a long-standing dental office that is looking to expand.  I am convinced that she would be a great asset to any office and will help to improve optimal levels of services and growth.” - Dr. Matthew Brady

“Marie has been a valued asset by a number of mutual clients over the last several years! Her vast experience, ability to listen and solve problems, and integrity make her a trusted resource.” - Jeremy Keck

“Marie Chatterley and I have worked together with several common clients (dentists) over the past decade.  Marie has helped doctors save time and money by organizing the entire process of starting a dental practice.  Her knowledge and expertise sets up the business side of the office and puts it on a ‘course for success.’ Marie Chatterley is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.” - Jim Ferrel

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