Dental Signage

Dental Signage

Here at CTC National, we know the importance of your outdoor and in-office signage. These signs need to capture the attention of the passerby, all of whom are your potential patients. Consider creating beautiful, custom signs, which can draw in new patients and help you become more recognizable.

Types Of Signs

Below are a few of the signage options available to you through several sign companies:

  • Site Signs – Not only will our skilled dental consultants help you to create the perfect sign for your dental business, but we can also assist you with the bidding process as well as contacting local vendors to get you the best sign for your money. We will also speak with city officials and landlords to determine what types of signage can and cannot be placed outside of your office.
  • Banners – The banners we create at CTC National are designed to help you attract new patients. Whether they’re displayed outside of your own building, or at the local baseball field, you can draw new patients right to your door with custom banners. Banners are convenient, as they can be taken down and moved to a new site with ease.
  • Billboards – Billboards are a long-lasting and affordable way to market your dental practice to the potential patients in your area. CTC National can guide you through the billboard process. It’s important to make sure that your message and your logo are visible and consistent. This will help you become more recognizable within the community.

Creating Successful Signage

Below are the steps involved in creating successful signage for your dental practice:

  • Identify Possible Locations – Before you purchase a dental practice or start-up a dental practice, identify possible sign locations. For example, some offices have sign locations mounted on the building, or a freestanding sign out front. There may be several options for signage, but it’s important to have at least one that is visible from the street. Buildings with sign restrictions are not typically recommended.
  • Visibility & Legibility – When creating your sign, make sure the letters and your logo are large enough to be seen from far away. Additionally, you may want to consider adding a light to illuminate your sign in the evening.
  • First Impressions – Your sign may be the first impression of your office. If all a potential patient knows of your office is your signage, this is how they will judge the practice. Because of this, it’s important that your sign be attractive, clean, and high quality.
  • Consider Your Message – To avoid making your sign too wordy or crowded, make sure that your message is simple and clear. If someone is driving past in their car, they won’t have the time to read a lengthy sign. Choose what you want to convey to potential patients and put in a three or four-word message.

We know that signage can be an investment, which is why it’s important to do it right the first time! CTC National is able to work closely with you to create a sign that represents you and your dental practice. For more information on how to improve the signage of your dental office, please contact CTC National today.

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