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Your brand and identity are a very important part of running a successful dental practice. It cannot simply be a logo alone – you must also make sure you include brochures, letters, business cards, envelopes, and other print materials in order to solidify your brand and identity with your patients.

Types Of Dental Print Marketing

Below is a list of the most common types of print marketing and how they can increase the profitability of your dental practice:

Logo, Brand & Identity – Your logo will be the first impression of your practice to your prospective patients. It’s important that your logo is simple and relevant to your industry. However, do not get caught up in the "perfect" logo design. A logo will not make or break your practice. Your logo and/or other materials should provide some clue or identity as to your practice's services and ideals. Once a logo has been created, it should be included consistently with your marketing materials. Below are a few things to consider when designing your logo:

  • Keep it simple and easily recognizable
  • Make it memorable, and let your personality shine through
  • Make sure you like it, because you should be able to use it for the next 5-10+ years
  • A successful logo will be able to translate well from signage to printed materials

Print Material – The dental consulting professionals here at CTC National can guide you with print materials you may need. Dental designs and print materials can be used to contact a variety of potential patients and help to educate your current patients. Below is a list of the types of print materials you should consider:

  • Flyers
  • Dental brochures
  • Postcard Mailers
  • Referral pads
  • Business cards
  • Welcome or transition letters
  • Magazine or newspaper ads
  • Envelope and letterhead design
  • In-office signage

Direct Mailers – You may think that direct mailers are no longer relevant in the age of the Internet, but they are still a highly valuable marketing tool. In fact, dental practices that deploy several marketing forms will have an average of 25% to 35% new patients from postcard mailers. Before you begin a direct mailing campaign, CTC National can guide you with demographic reports to help you understand your market. These reports include the ages, income levels, insurance carriers, and much more information on your potential patients, allowing you to tailor your materials. This information can then be shared with any number of dental marketing postcard mailer companies including Pro Dental Designs.

Designing and implementing your own print marketing campaign can be daunting. Let CTC National help! We will work closely with you when designing and sending out your print materials to make sure that your dental practice is accurately portrayed.

To learn more about how to implement a successful marketing campaign for your practice, please contact a dental consultant at CTC National today.

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