Community Events

Community Events

Involving your dental practice in community events can help your business grow and become more successful. Not only will these events allow you to connect with your potential patients, but they can also help establish loyalty to your office from existing patients.

There are many types of community events that you can become involved in. Any event you sponsor or attend will be an opportunity for you to meet and create relationships with members of the community, and prospective patients.

Community Events For Your Dental Practice

Below are some ideas on how to involve your dental practice in community events:

  • Open House – You can host an open house at your dental office whether you’re new to the area or you’ve been at your location for some time. An open house is a great way to familiarize local residents, referring dentists, and nearby business owners with your practice. You can serve food, play games, have contents, or offer prizes for a raffle. Make sure you have business cards available and that you follow up with attendees once the event is over.
  • Sponsor & Support Events – You can support the local community by sponsoring local sports teams, clubs, competitions, or fundraisers. By sponsoring these activities, you will often receive publicity in printed materials related to the event as well as recognition during the event. Your message should convey an emphasis on education and on trying to better the community.
  • Create Your Own Event – By creating your own event, you are not only drawing in potential patients, but you’re also creating public awareness about dental health. You can host a Dental Education event, or offer a “smile makeover” to a deserving person in need. Write a press release about these events or charitable donations and publicize the activity to your local radio stations or newspapers.

Becoming involved with events in your community will increase recognition for your office and will allow you to give your practice meaning. Community events are one of the best strategies for establishing yourself in your area. Your message should be about educating the community and providing access to dental healthcare.

For more information on how to become involved in community events or to speak with a friendly and educated dental consultant, please contact CTC National. We’ve helped dentists all over the country increase the success and profitability of their dental practices! 

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