Marie Chatterley

Marie Chatterley Dental ConsultantMarie Chatterley: Dental Consultant & Business Start-up Professional

Marie has been consulting in the dental industry since 2003. She specializes in coaching doctors through major career transitions such as: buying a dental practice, starting one from scratch or finding a dental associate position. Marie received her undergraduate degree in Public Relations and Marketing from Brigham Young University. Her graduate work and research at Regis University was focused specifically on the business start-ups process (examples: market and demographic research, business plan development, effective marketing strategies, real estate negotiations, and legal issues with hiring and retaining employees).

Marie has been surrounded by the dental industry most of her life. Her father, Larry M. Chatterley has brokered dental practices for over 24 years. Her older brother, Daniel Chatterley is an oral maxillofacial surgeon currently stationed with the military in Germany. Marie’s younger brother, Eric Chatterley is a General Dentist practicing in Highlands Ranch, CO.

While an undergrad, Marie began her research in dental practice management (link to Dental Practice Management page). She has worked full time in a number of offices, allowing her to implement various strategies and measure their success. Marie enjoys the process of seeing a new business owner succeed! She is constantly researching and implementing new strategies to meet this goal.

Growing up in the Rocky Mountains, Marie grew very passionate about the outdoors. She spends her free time snowboarding, skiing, river rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, mountaineering, fishing, backpacking, wake boarding and snowshoeing. She was a competitive dancer in high school and college. She still enjoys dancing and coaching dance teams.

“Marie has consistently provided quality consultations and coaching with opening and growing my practice and establishing my practice in the community. Each time I work with Marie, she shows a great amount of knowledge, has always been readily available, and is personable and very professional. Marie is very detail-oriented and has always been very thorough each time I have worked with her. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to open, purchase, transition or better manage their practice to work with Marie.” - Dr. Eric Anderson

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